Defiance Press & Publishing is a publisher of very high-quality, principled fiction, non-fiction, current events, and children’s literature, from outstanding authors with a special emphasis on God, country, liberty, and conservatism, to serve the diverse interests of our readers through various imprints.

We link writers to readers. By handling the mechanics of publishing, marketing and distribution of a manuscript, we liberate the author to do what they love to do — write!  Have a passion for politics?  We’ll publish that. Do you enjoy creating stories that incorporate Godly messages, that encourage a love of country and value conservatism? We’d love to help you reach out to readers who share your 
ideas. We are not your traditional publishing house, we’re better. Let us handle the details and solidify that important link between you and your audience.
We accept submissions from literary agents, but representation by a literary agent is not a requirement. What makes us different from other book publishing companies?

We truly partner with our authors!  We believe in full transparency, honesty, and integrity in dealing with our authors.  Here are a few items that separate us from the crowded publishing and self-publishing landscape:


Distribution- Defiance Press has a major distribution deal wherein our authors' titles are placed in the major retailers' procurement cycles and are actively pitched by an outside sales force. Your readers can't find your book if it's not in a bookstore or online.  We offer distribution that you can only get through the very largest traditional publishers.


PR & MarketingDefiance Press has highly experienced in-house marketing and Public Relations. Our authors are regularly featured on major news networks, nationally syndicated radio shows, and local media outlets.  We help authors build or expand their author platform!


Professional Design, Editing & Formatting- Take a look at our books.  The covers, editing, and format are simply outstanding!


Rights Retention- Your book is yours! With Defiance, you keep title to your works and all rights.

What's the difference between us and self-publishing?  Simply stated, while many self-publishing firms exact large fees from aspiring authors, they simply don't have distribution.  You will notice they claim "available" distribution, but they aren't typically promoting or pitching your book to procurement specialists with the large retailers and independent booksellers.  To get a book in a retail store, a customer has to order it from the bookstore.  Also, self-publishing houses typically won't have the highly experienced PR department that Defiance Press authors enjoy.  

Defiance Press does not offer self-publishing services or access to our vast distribution network for works we do not publish.

We are Proud Sponsors of DEAR Texas and the Association of Texas Authors!

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