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Getting Trump

By Charles Davies


Defiance Press, 2019

When President Trump declared he would run for the White House, his previous good relationship with the media seemed to vanish. He became a figure to ridicule in the campaign, someone who would never win. However, as a shrewd businessman, Trump knew how to make the most of the bad publicity; and used it to his advantage to win against the odds.

The mainstream media bias has persisted, with the media reveling in his perceived blunders. Central to this has been the fixation on the Mueller probe, which shows the establishment in full flow; the links between the liberal press, Democrats, FBI, and other government departments are clear to see. It backs up Trump’s claim that there is a swamp which needs to be drained.

This book is written from the perspective of an interested observer and an outsider to these events. The book takes a pragmatic approach, looking at tweets, media reports, and published materials to consider how Trump could be understood differently and how the media could take a more professional and constructive path. The author urges an open mind, to look at the evidence and make your own judgment.

Hardcover | ISBN: 9781948035323 | Publication Date: 08/20/2019





“Imagine this: There was a place where everyone had liberty and the right to pursue happiness and life was good. But… Evil had been lurking in the darkness one day stepped out into the light and decided to take that liberty. Evil was placed in charge of disseminating information to the people and putting them into the darkness.

That place was once called the USA and that really happened.

For the first time in one place, Charles Davies has documented, the evidence that “None Dare to Call Conspiracy”. He has laid out the media’s plan to destroy the sovereignty of America by destroying the “Champion” of America President Donald J Trump.

If you are confused about what is going on in America today; If you are a skeptic of Donald Trump; If you Think the Idea of a one world government is attractive; I strongly urge you to buy this book. You will need a highlighter and some post-it notes. This book should be your “Desk Reference” to document the Truth that so many choose not to believe.

Yes! the Media is hurting itself in a last-ditch attempt to save the “One World Government” The question you should ask is are they killing the rest of us too?

Get this book not just for yourselves but you friends and acquaintances, especially for the teenagers in your circle of influence. The life you save may be your own.”

                                                                                                  Doc Greene – Host of “The Amazing Doc                                                                                                            Greene Show”    

"A fresh, outside perspective on how the media's punching bag known as Donald Trump has also become their golden goose. Davies provides a comprehensive view of the media’s contention with the 45th president and how their declining public trust is utterly ignored in the pursuit of the next Trump headline. If you have ever tried to make sense of it all, Getting Trump is the resource you need.”

                                                                                                      Tanner T. Roberts – Business Executive &                                                                                                              Author

“As socio-political divisiveness rends our nation, author Charles Davies takes on a narcissistic, overly-biased, anti-Trump media by letting facts speak for themselves.  Under the provocative title Getting Trump, he fully articulates why and how the media acts as it does, how President Trump’s brashness and heart-felt straight talk to the common citizen taunts the media, and how the media is missing a great opportunity to heal the nation by validating the President’s accomplishments.”

                                                                                                       Mark Greathouse, Business Executive &                                                                                                               Author

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