By Tanner T. Roberts

Defiance Press, 2019

Moral arguments have taken the place of empirical evidence. Virtue signaling has replaced constructive political discussion. Individualism is dead and efforts of those that govern are measured more meticulously than the efforts of those who are governed. All of the rhetoric taking place in the political climate today is generationally backed for years to come. What is this rhetoric? It is simply Dumb Politics.

Broken ideas and assimilation of thought have rooted itself in education, economics, culture, immigration, and political name calling. Dumb Politics will teach us that you must never underestimate the ignorance of the masses.

Hardcover| ISBN: 9781948035248 | Publication Date: 01/15/2019


Dumb Politics deals with the politics of emotion and virtue signaling. This book demonstrates that we need politics based on sound thinking and good results that work for everyone. Read it! 
-Dinesh D’Souza, Author/Filmmaker

Economics drives most of the personal & political decisions we make as Americans.  When the economy stinks, our elected leaders get the blame and when it's sunny, they take the credit.  Tanner Roberts takes economics and shows how it powers the decisions that change the world we live in every day. "Dumb Politics" is a must read for everyone who wonders why so many things are now decided on someone's feelings rather than cold, objective facts.   
- Lars Larson, Host of the nationally-syndicated radio talk show "The Lars Larson Show"

“Finally! Someone has written a book that aptly - and hysterically - describes the destructive, imbecilic obsessions of boobus americanus and his elite, political and media masters. Masters who fancy themselves geniuses when in reality, they’re only genius if they’re in the cast of Idiocracy. Tanner Roberts is hauntingly accurate in his descriptions of how dumb our civic religion has become. Its a smart book that indicts our dumb rulers with a new principle of non-contradiction: something cannot be dumb and smart at the same time and ‘Muricah’s politics, culture etc. are most decidedly, dumb.” 
- Mike Church, host of The CRUSADE Channel's Mike Church Show

In Dumb Politics, Tanner T. Roberts takes a smart and balanced look at the astounding political ignorance of this generation. From immigration to economics to what passes for education, no stone is left unturned. Upon completion, the reader will be well equipped to engage in today’s inane rhetorical battleground.
-Rob Schilling, host of WINA’s The Schilling Show and founder of SchillingShow.com

In Dumb Politics, Tanner Roberts has taken subjects of ignorance and blended them with large portions of common sense. He has written a book about how we got into this mess of a dumb culture and stupid politics. At the same time anointing the reader with facts from a historical perspective. 
-Durhl Caussey, The Focus Daily News

Hope for the future of America

A bold new author and thought leader is emerges. A leader is one who has the courage to say what others are only thinking. Texas author Tanner Roberts first book  "Dumb Politics" written to the new generation is full of concise wisdom and clarity as he demonstrates how the indoctrination by the public-school system and the media has blinded an entire generation. Dumb Politics is “Poor Richards Almanac and “Common Sense” rolled up in one easy read. Ignorance may be bliss…but if you are on the “highway to hell” it might be good to know that and be able to change your destination. This book is a “must read” for all the Millennials you know. Sadly, while many of the younger ones are not able to read there is some good news…Its on audio book! Tanner Roberts is a modern-day Thomas Paine with a brilliant future. I look forward to his continued contributions to the literacy of American Youth. 
- Doc Greene, Host of the nationally-syndicated radio talk show “The Amazing Doc Greene Show”

In these days of turmoil and bickering in Congress, far too little time is being spent on the job for which citizens elect their senators and representatives—working cooperatively to make sensible laws to guide our country toward reasonable progress. The Capitol Building itself seems to have become a battleground of clashing voices, with violence waiting on its flanks.
What do Americans think of this? Some are angry, whether at one political party or the other. Others have given up, because of the absolute mess of politics in general, seeing it as nothing but rhetoric, with little concern for the future of the United States or its citizens. Many citizens become apathetic; feeling they have no power to change the situation, they choose to ignore it.
In Dumb Politics: The Political Rhetoric and Blissful Ignorance of a Generation, Tanner T. Roberts focuses on the people he calls the “blissfully ignorant,” whom he says merely do not understand what is happening. These people—seemingly with little knowledge of our country’s history, the content and meaning of its Constitution, the functions of its government, the workings of its politics, or the practices of its business and financial institutions—respond emotionally to whatever someone, guided by ‘dumb politics’, tells them is the right or wrong way to run things, and then act and vote accordingly.
The “blissfully ignorant” includes people of all ages, races, religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and degrees of education. Roberts seeks to show his readers that large numbers among the younger generation dominate this group’s ranks today. From among those now being educated under the precepts of ‘dumb politics,’ he tells us, will emerge many of tomorrow’s leaders. He hopes to turn this situation around.
Roberts defines ‘dumb politics’ as “the act of promoting policies and ideas that subsidize groups[sic] at the expense of others”; it becomes “hypocritical in equity and equality… uses emotional responses over rational analysis… and uses derogatory vernacular to promote class and social warfare.” In the first chapter, he illustrates his definition by applying it to the Women’s March 2018 founders’ official Twitter contending that the shutdown of “Backpage” classified ads was an “absolute crisis for sex workers.” He points to their apparent ignorance that “some [Backpage] ads included minors as young as 14 and women forced into sex trafficking,” labels their action as “the epitome of what I call ‘dumb politics,’” and pointedly remarks that “recognizing the irony of this situation requires cognitive thinking.” He names
many Democrats and liberals as exemplifiers of dumb politics, but also acknowledges that its practice is far from absent among Republicans.
A primary focus of the book is the comparative examination of the principles of individualism and collectivism. Noting how these reflect conservative vs. liberal ideologies; Robert then points out that dumb politics prefers the collective approach, and its adherents seek to assimilate groups willing to follow a collective norm.
Chapters 2-6 examine how the precepts of dumb politics turn up in the practices of Dumb Name Calling (e.g., fascists), Dumb Immigration (loose borders), Dumb Economics (tax strategies), Dumb Education (ideology imposition), and Dumb Culture (media tactics), and spell out the dangers of these practices for our future well-being.
Tanner is passionate about his subject, which may leave some readers with information overload. Dumb Politics will undoubtedly attract conservatives, and it offers considerable food for thought for liberals with an open mind who might like to (re)consider their understanding of what is tearing our government, and our nation, apart.
“A bold look at the polarizing attitudes and policies in the United States today, how we got here, and what our future may hold.”
 – Chanticleer Reviews

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