By David Thomas Roberts

Defiance Press, 2018


The first book in the Patriot Series by David Thomas Roberts, Patriots of  Treason is a riveting political thriller that brings to life the worst-case scenario of a corrupt U.S. government that sends the United States into a constitutional crisis not seen since the Civil War.

A President and his administration, filled with scandals and plagued by economic woes, surprisingly wins re-election to a second term largely based on an "October Surprise" and the promise of redistribution of the nation's wealth. 

An assassination attempt on election night throws the United States into chaos. When it is discovered that the assassin has ties to the administration's political antithesis, a diabolical conspiracy is launched to quash the political opposition and keep the assassin's true motives from the American people. 

When an ordinary Texas citizen is arrested, terrorized, and held without due process, the Governor of Texas dispatches iconic Texas Ranger Pops Younger to rescue him. The entire country becomes captivated in the suspense of the high-stakes chess game that pits the State of Texas and the Texas Rangers against the administration and the ATF that escalates to unprecedented proportions.

An exciting and fast-paced political thriller, Patriots of Treason presents a very realistic 'what if' scenario that will keep you on the edge of your seat, regardless of your political persuasion.

Paperback | ISBN: 9780990543947 | Publication Date: 10/12/2012






I just completed his first book "Patriots of Treason" and it was fantastic. I often hear people talk about how a book was such a "page turner" and how they "couldn't put it down," but rarely have I ever felt that way about a book. I even noticed those were some of the comments on the backcover copy. I must say, however, that I am in total agreement this time as I picked it up Sunday afternoon and finished it Monday evening (I actually had to put it down, but I didn't want to).

The pace of the story was incredible, but it did not lose any of the character development. Also, while the story as a whole seems initially to be so far fetched, as Roberts moves the reader through each move made, the reactions are entirely believable thus making the entire story so seemingly plausible. It was also extremely thought provoking about picking sides and loyalty, making one realize how the founding fathers must have felt or those in the South felt in the lead up to the Civil War. I also love it when authors use opening quotes for each chapter, but never have the quotes fit the chapters so well, and that was for all 50 chapters.

And, since I had originally saw the second book first, and then realized it was a sequel, I ordered both at the same time, so I am looking forward to the next book.” 

-Willard M. Oliver


Outstanding! I've read 2 from this author and they are real page turners, you won't want to pit the book down!” 

-Michael Forgette

“One of the best books I've read”

“One of the best books I've read.I started at 8 P.M. one evening and couldn't put it down.Finished at 1:30 A.M.Must read especially for Texans.Started the next book "State of Treason".Can't wait to see what happens.”  --Phil

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